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Biking the trails and tracks

This is where it gets interesting for the more serious mountain bikers. If you are only a half-hearted mountain biker avoid Bhutan or stay on the main roads. The tracks are often steep, narrow, rocky, rooty, muddy or extreme washboard caused by cattle or yak. Even on the best loops you will end up walking part of it, unless you can jump over fallen tree trunks with your bike.

The trails described here are a selection of the most rideable trails in the country. Of course there may be other ones. If these are too easy for you just try out some trails described for example in 'mad and mild day-hikes around Thimphu', or some of the trekking routes. However, it is advised that you stay out of national parks, as bikers are more disturbing to wildlife than hikers and many of them don't ride to enjoy nature, but just for an adrenaline boost. Thus, leave the parks for the hikers.

I have wrecked my brain to get an interesting series of loops together to make a memorable trip of some 10 days. I have not completely succeeded, but the best I can come up with starting with a trial loop around Thimphu and finishing in Paro is:

Thimphu-Talakha Gonpa-Simtokha Dzong loop
Thimphu-Dechhenchholing-Honthso loop or directly on to Wangdi (tarmac)
Thimphu-Dechhenchholing-Sinchula-Kabesa-Punakha-Wangdi (for die-hards)
Chuzomsa-Pelela-Gangtey-Phubjikha (mostly tarmac road)
Wangdi-Nahi-Heyle La-Chamgang-Simtokha
Simtokha-Kasadrapchhu-Bemri Lhakang-Jili Dzong-Paro
Paro-Bondey-Chelela-Drukyel Dzong loop
And one rest day, which you probably need.

If you have more time and energy you could cycle on from Gangtey:
Gangtey-Trongsa-Jakar(Bumthang) almost all tarmac
Jakar-Tang valley-Ugyenchholing-Phephela-Nang lhakang loop

Please note that various parts of this itinerary are still untried and may be extremely difficult, if not virtually impossible.

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